Professional golfer Scott Piercy joins FLEX Beverages

Scott Piercy Joins FLEX Beverages: A Hole-in-One for Innovation and Sustainability

FLEX Beverages, is thrilled to announce that professional golfer Scott Piercy has made a personal investment in the brand and become a key advocate for its innovative and eco-friendly beverage solutions.

Scott Piercy, celebrated for his dedication and excellence on the golf course, brings a unique perspective to FLEX Beverages. His decision to invest in and endorse the brand underscores his commitment to innovation and sustainability. "FLEX Beverages is leading the way in making high-quality, eco-friendly beverages accessible anywhere," said Piercy. "I’m proud to support a brand that values both innovation and sustainability."

Piercy’s involvement is expected to significantly boost FLEX Beverages' market presence. His endorsement aligns perfectly with modern consumer values that emphasize convenience, quality, and environmental responsibility. “We are thrilled to have Scott Piercy join the FLEX Beverages family,” said Jerry Pearring, COO of FLEX FUELS INC. “His investment and advocacy speak volumes about our brand’s potential. We’re excited about the future milestones we’ll achieve together.”

The FLEX Beverage System, a cornerstone of the brand, offers a revolutionary approach to single-serve drinks, making them both simple and eco-friendly. The portable, no-power design is ideal for any setting, from home use to outdoor adventures. The system’s recyclable pods provide a wide range of beverages, including coffee, teas, vitamin supplements, energy drinks, and refreshing cold drinks. Additionally, the Spin-Control Straw Valve allows users to customize the strength of their drinks to their liking. FLEX Beverages is dedicated to combining convenience with sustainability, ensuring that consumers can enjoy great-tasting drinks anywhere with minimal environmental impact.

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Scott Piercy’s partnership with FLEX Beverages marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey. By championing sustainability and convenience, FLEX Beverages is well-positioned for long-term success in a market that increasingly values eco-friendly solutions.


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